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Vermeire Belting :
Specialist in drive systems Motion solution developer


PU Flat Belts for drives of surprising compactness

Modern drive technology combines dynamics, precision and in-service reliability at great economy. As a development partner and original equipment manufacturer for all industries, we offer new technological perspectives to both users and designers.


Courroies Polyflat Contitech

Innovative in material and design

Thanks to its greater flexibility and traction, the CONTI POLYFLAT®PU Flat Belt enables compact drives with much smaller pulley diameters in comparison to conventional drives with steel cords. Smaller drive pulleys allow the use of space-saving drive motors and secondary engineering. Compact drive configurations with low inertia reduce not only the manufacturing costs but also the power consumption. The steel-reinforced belts made of modified polyurethane are extremely flexible, hard-wearing, and durable. They are virtually corrosion-resistant due to their galvanised steel, and their polyurethane coating ensures anti-slip traction and efficient power transmission. Used in combination with crowned pulleys they ensure excellent power transmission and very smooth running.


The reliability of the CONTI POLYFLAT®Flat Belt, type XHP is attained thanks to the use of numerous highstrength wires. The steel cords (diameter 1.6 mm) and their parallel-to-edge alignment increase the flexibility in comparison to the steel cable. In this way the bearing face of the flat belt is made wider and the pulley can be more easily driven. So the diameter of the pulley can be reduced to 100 mm. The design of wire/strand/cord in combination with the ultra-modern manufacturing process enables an optimum spreading of the polyurethane which hence completely surrounds the cords. This aspect in turn keeps the wires in place within a strand and bonds the individual strands together.

The result:

- small bending radius

- high strength

- low corrosion
Test results:


The service life of the steel cord-reinforced CONTI POLYFLAT®PU Flat Belt, type XHP is three times as long as that of belts with conventional steel cables under the same operating conditions. Endurance testing verified there is only a slight reduction in the strength values after several million load cycles. The traction testing on the cycle duration similarly demonstrated the wear resistance of the system.