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Vermeire Belting :
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Trapezoidal conveyor belts (or V belts)

Trapezoidal conveyor belts (also called “V belts”) figure amongst the most used belts on the industrial market. These belts function according to the following principle: a pressure applied on the sides of the pulleys allows the trapezoidal belt to be held in place.  This is what is called the wedging principle.

Our trapezoidal belts can be used in all environments, including the most aggressive, thanks to their resistance to difficult conditions and to trapezoidal differences.

Amongst the types of trapezoidal belts which we offer in stock (thousands of articles to discover in our shop), we have: 

• Enveloped trapezoidal belts
• Notched trapezoidal belts
• Jointed trapezoidal belts
• Reinforced notched trapezoidal belts
• Open trapezoidal belts
• Attachments for trapezoidal belts

Trapezoidal transmission belts can be used in many areas of application, notably for cement works,  garden equipment, industrial ventilationindustrial motors, the wood products industryagricultureenergyheavy industry,  pumps as well as in mines  and quarries.

Continental trapezoidal belts

The new Conti-V FO Pioneer bare flank, notched belts are resistant to temperatures between -40°C and +130°C (depending on applications) and present performances up to 20% higher than older ranges (for example the Conti-V Fo Advance range).

These trapezoidal belts offer excellent flexibility and very food fluidity overall. They are suitable for tropical climates and are resistant to dust. 

The use of  EPDM compound provides service lives must longer than conventional belts.

Remember to check the tension of your belts regularly.

With our tension measuring instruments, you reduce your energy consumption and increase the service life of your belts.

Hutchinson trapezoidal belts

Besides Continental belts, Vermeire Belting offers a large stock of Hutchinson trapezoidal belts

Hutchinson offers classic trapezoidal belts (enveloped or notched) and straight trapezoidal belts (enveloped or notched).

Discover the details of trapezoidal conveyor belts in stock

Click on this PDF and discover the advantages of Continental and Hutchinson trapezoidal belts, in stock at Vermeire Belting.

Images of trapezoidal conveyor belts