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Toothed or synchronous belts (distribution belts)

By its reliability and its low cost, the distribution belt (also called synchronous belt or toothed belt) is an essential element in the design of mechanisms. Its operation is relatively simple since it is similar to that of chains: the teeth of the distribution belt fit into pulley cavities and remain perfectly stable in operation, even at high speed.

Toothed (or synchronous) belts are used for many applications, in particular for high power transmission or for precision positioning.

The evolution of distribution belts

Over the last few years, engineers have sought to develop profiles of toothed belts in order to reduce the risk of tooth jumping which significantly increasing transmitted powers. Particular attention has been paid to the reduction of the level of noise.

These toothed belts also contribute to the growth and development of linear guides. They allow linear movements to be performed over short or long distances while combining displacement speed, precision of positioning and repetitiveness.

Continental (Contitech), Megadyne, Elatech and Bando toothed belts

Vermeire Belting holds in stock, a large choice of toothed distribution belts of the brands Continental (Contitech), MegadyneElatech and Bando

Amongst the types of toothed belts in stock, we offer: 

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