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Vermeire Belting :
Specialist in drive systems Motion solution developer

Siemens frequency converters and starters

Softstarters SIRIUS Siemens

Three-phase motors are used in most drive systems. Direct starting or even star-triangle starting is often not the ideal solution for starting your machine.  Progressive starters provide starting without jerks and limits voltage drops on the network. Mechanical parts and the network are protected as the starting torque and the current peak calls are decreased.

Via the SIRIUS range, Vermeire Belting offers different SIRIUS Siemens progressive starters for standard or high-performance applications. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Several advantages of Sirius progressive starters: 

• Continuous starting
• Progressive starting and stopping
• Reduction of current spikes
• Elimination of network voltage fluctuations at starting
• Lightening of the load on the power supply network
• Reduced dimensions
• Absence of maintenance
• etc.


Images of Siemens Sirius progressive starters


Siemens SINAMICS speed controllers

Siemens offers a speed controller for each drive application and each power through its SINAMICS family made up of 3 SINAMICS series, V, G and S.

The SINAMICS family of drives is not doubt, the most complete offer on the market whether for simple or complex applications in all fields: machine construction, logistics, pumping, air treatment, the food, textile, packaging industries, materials handling, etc.

SINAMICS speed controllers  also integrate perfectly with the many solutions and automation systems developed by SIEMENS, thus reducing development and commissioning costs.

Images of Siemens SINAMICS speed controllers