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Roller chain conveyors

Technological development has led to the production of ever more efficient conveyor and transport chains. The automotive industry, the food industry, the packaging industry, complete turn-key installation structures and the growing automation of production lines, call for ever more innovative products.

A large choice of conveyor chains

Roller chains consist of a system of links connected together. There is a large choice amongst the conveyor chains offered at Vermeire . In fact, apart from standard chains, we offer accumulation chains, maintenance free chains, corrosion resistant products, and stainless-steel chains.

Accumulation chains are known for their strong development over the last few years. Other than developments in terms of materials, the new generation of accumulation chains offer optimal distribution of loads as well as great stability for the materials transported, notably thanks to the offset of the transport rollers.

Amongst the types of chain gearwheels available in our on-line shop, you will find: 

• Simplex roller chains
• Duplex roller chains
• Triplex roller chains
• Corrosion resistant and nickel-plated roller chains
• Stainless steel roller chains
• But also, numerous components (springs, links, attachments, etc.)
• As well as miscellaneous accessories (tensioning gearwheels, rail-less chain-guides, automatic tensioners, tensioning arms, shock-absorbers, etc.)

Our different brands of conveyor chains

Vermeire offers a wide choice of conveyor chains in our catalogue. For example, IWIS chains respond favourably to a multitude of applications from the pharmaceutical industry to sawmills, from paper mills to printed circuit manufacturing amongst others.

We also offer chains from VB Chain, Wipperman, Regina or Elite. We also have guide chains from Röchling

Discover our roller chains in detail in this PDF

Images of roller chains