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Rigid and specific couplings   

Our range includes many rigid couplings of different constructions (half-shell, with removal hubs, etc.) to provide you with a rigid linkage, for example, for shafts, whether of the same diameter or with different diameters.

The main advantages of rigid couplings is their economic character and their ease of use. Obviously, rigid couplings cannot accommodate the least misalignment between shafts.

We also have a large number of couplings responding to more specific uses or features such as hydraulic couplings, cardans or backlash-free couplings to name just a few.

Rigid and specific couplings in stock

Amongst our range of available rigid couplings in stock at Vermeire , you will find:  

• SERAX Rigid couplings
• Coupler sleeves
• Rigid DIN couplings with or without grooves
• ....

We are ready to listen to your needs and are always ready to assist you in determining the coupling best adapted to the needs of your application.

Amongst the brands which we offer for rigid couplings and specific couplings for shafts, we have R+W Coupling Technology, Serax and Comintec.

Discover or rigid and specific couplings in detail in this PDF

Les accouplements rigides et spécifiques en images