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WATT and Motovario gear motors

WATT gear motors

WATT gear motors are manufactured in Austria on the basis of a revolutionary design.

Their design allows each assembly centre to be able to easily assemble a very large range of gear motors from a stock of semi-mounted reduction gears and gear sets. 

We are a certified WATT assembly center which allows us to deliver the whole range from stock. 

Today, many other WATT assembly centre throughout the world can deliver a very wide range of gear motors in record time.  This new design however, could not have been created without the development of very modern production techniques such as gear power honing which guarantee the final user of perfect quality and reliability without forgetting a very quiet operation.

The range of WATT gear motors consists of coaxial reduction gears, screw gears, parallel shafts reduction gears and tapered torque reduction gears.

These reduction gear can also be mounted on an input flange allowing standard IEC motors or servomotors to be used.

Images of WATT gear motors




Motovario gear motors

Over 30 years, Motovario has become the largest manufacturer of reduction gear in the world.  In its 55,000m2 plant equipped with ultra-efficient robotised machining centres, Motovario produces more than a million reduction gears per year. 

Its range includes screw reduction gearscoaxial reduction gears, orthogonal reduction gears and tilting reduction gears, as well as  mechanical converters.

With its new PBH series composed of parallel or orthogonal reduction gears with ratios from 1.11:1 to 800 :1, Motovario now offers input powers of up to 6500kW.

Motovario was also a large range of electric motors including motors from the new DRIVON series with integrated frequency controllers.

We are an assembly centre certified by Motovario (MAC) which allows us to deliver the whole range from stock: in 2018, this certification will be extended to ATEX models.

Throughout the world, Motovario now has more than 100 distributors including 40 certified assembly centres.

Images of Motovario gear motors