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Vermeire :
Specialist in drive systems Createur de solutions motion

Mechanical, electrical and motor-operated power cylinders and actuators

Vérins électriques/motorisés Power Jacks, Servomech, Unimec et Linearmech Vérins électriques motorisés Parker
Mechanical power cylinders/motor driven Power Jacks, Servomech, Unimec and Linearmech Parker motor-operated electrical actuators

Power jacks and electrical or mechanical actuators in stock at Vermeire Belting

Mechanical screw cylinders

Vermeire offers a (wide) stock of mechanical actuators. Our power jacks and actuators are equipped with:

• Trapezoidal screws,
• Ball screws,
• and Spiracon type satellite roller screws

Our mechanical jacks are particular suitable for applications which require a good price/performance ratio particularly in the area of lifting or materials handling. They offer a capacity of up to 100 tonnes. These jacks function according to the “nut-screw” principle: the rod is moved by the displacement of a nut on it.

Motor-operated electrical actuators

Our motor-operated electrical actuators are power cylinders which are situated between pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. The function as assistance to the “screw-nut” system whose screw if driven by a motor. The reliability of motor-operated electrical actuators is undeniable these days. These actuators are also more ecological and more economical when you take into account the costs related to air production or oil management.

Our experienced engineers are of course at your disposal to assist you with your projects. Do not hesitate to contact us !