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Vermeire Belting :
Specialist in drive systems Motion solution developer

Fuji Electric frequency converters

World leader in electronic power components, Fuji Electric incorporates the best of its technology in its frequency converters and offers compact, powerful and easy to use equipment while remaining very economical.

The FUJI range which goes from 0.1 to 3000 kW is defined primarily through 7 models. The MINI converters (0.1 to 15 kW) is ideal for simple applications. ACE (0.4 to 220 kW) and MEGA (0.4 to 630 kW) converters are ideal for all your industrial applications. Their integrated mini PLC provides flexibility under all circumstances.  For machines requiring optimum control and precision, Fuji has developed the VG converter.

In addition to general industry, Fuji Electric is also specialised in the area of HVAC, of pumping, of water treatment and compressors with its HVAC and AQUA (0.75 to 710 kW) ranges. These versions also exist with a degree of protection IP55. A LIFT converter is also available in the range (0.4 to 220 kW).

Fuji Electric frequency converters for all applications

Vermeire Belting offers the series MINI, ACE, MEGA, HVAC and AQUA in stock responding to your expectations for the majority of applications, in particular:

Fans (compressor, dryer, refrigerator, air-conditioning system, etc.)
Machines tools (milling machine, lathe, press, sander, etc.)
Electric pumps (cooler, vacuum pump, water pump, slurry pump, etc.)
Conveyor equipment (conveyor belt, chain conveyor, screw conveyor, roller conveyor, automated warehouse, crane, automatic doors, etc.)
Tools for chemical products or wood-working machines (extruder, vibrator, coating machine, planing machines, etc.)
Packaging industry
Food production (Food products mixing machines, rice grinding machines, rice sorting machines, etc.)
Paper industry and textile machines (spinning, knitting, cutting trades, etc.)
Other machines (automatic mixers, offset presses, bookbinding machines, shredders, grinders, etc.)

Do not hesitate to contact us to benefit from advice on your choice of frequency converters best suited to your needs.

Images of Fuji Electric frequency converters