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Vermeire :
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Elastic, tyre and spring couplings

Elastic couplings 

Star elastic coupling (interlocking assembly) is the model, the simplest in appearance but especially the most often encountered in transmissions. We have a large stock of hubs (several types and materials) and elastic separators (several hardnesses). These couplings will allow you to simply and efficiently, link the driving part of your transmissions with the receiving part.

You can discover some of our available elastic couplings in our on-line catalogue: 

Tyre couplings

In keeping with our innovative spirit, our elastic coupling range certainly had to include tyre couplings. The tyre coupling is a coupling which is flexible in twisting and which allows angular, radial or axial faults to be taken up.  Our range includes Omega and Viva Couplings which both present significant maintenance time savings thanks to the rapid assembly.

These couplings are available in different version, notably in the version to bore and to groove as well as the version with the TL hub.

Amongst the brands offered for elastic, tyre and spring couplings, Vermeire places its confidence in CMD, Comintec, Compomac, Rexnord, Siemens, Veflex & Vetex.

Numerous coupling components in stock

Besides the elastic and tyre couplings available in our on-line shop, Vermeire also offers a large choice of coupling components in order to satisfy all its customers.

Amongst these components at Vermeire Belting, you will find: 

• Elastic coupling fittings
• Hydraulic couplers
• Spacers
• Bolts
• Pads
• Flanges
• Tyres
• Rings, sets of rings and special rings
• Hubs (in steel, cast iron, aluminium, bored or blank)
• Elastic stars
• Pressure screws, to bore and groove
• Fastening kits
• Elastomers
• Sleeves
• Paper gaskets
• Springs
• etc.

Discover our PDF file for these elastic, tyre and spring couplings

Images of elastic, tyre and spring couplings