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CTS Free roller wheels

For many years we have imported quality free wheels from the Italian Manufacturer CTS. These free wheels are interchangeable with numerous brands. The majority of the range is immediately available on our stores.

Free roller wheels are composed of different elements:

• An external part which presents a circular internal sliding surface
• An internal part equipped with contact segments in star configuration
contact bodies suspended on the internal ring

The free wheel is a uni-directional seal used for numerous applications, in particular: 

• Excess of speed
• Anti-return
• Intermittent advance

The areas of use of free wheels is extremely vast: 

• For farm machinery
• For packaging machinery
• For materials handling machinery (cranes, elevators, conveyors, etc.)
• For construction machinery
• For pint-shop machines
• For mangles
• For gearboxes
• For electric motors and gear motors
• For machine tools
• For textile machinery
• For sewing machines
• For lockstitch machines and staplers
• For meat processing machines
• For the chemical industry
• For ventilation systems
• For aeronautics
• For gas turbines
• For automotive vehicles
• For drinks machines
• For ski-lifts and cable cars
• For precision mechanics
• For electric power stations
• For centrifuges
• etc.

Details of CTS free wheels:

Discover thee most ample information on free roller wheels from the CTS manufacturer in this PDF: 

Image of CTS free wheels