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Belts and hinge chains

Thanks to the particularly interesting properties of the new D2K based material, developed jointly by Regina and DuPont, lubricant use has been drastically reduced, or even eliminated in most installation using Regina conveyor belts and chains. Other than the very interesting ecological impact, the reduced friction coefficients have led to increased service life for the different products and materials as well as reduced power consumption. Stainless steel chains are always particularly appreciated by breweries (beers and various drinks).

Regina has also developed a modular conveyor belt with guiding “rollers” specially adapted for Krones, a packaging application requiring high speed conveying with curves and relatively high loads.

Discover our belts and hinge chains for conveying

In our on-line shop, we have a great choice of belts and hinge chains for conveying all types of products. In particular, you will find: 

• Stainless steel hinge chains
• Plastic hinge chains
• Conveyor belts
• Flat hinge chain guides
• Hinge chain guides
• etc.

Images of belts and hinge chains