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Vermeire belting is above all

Our values

Our values

Respect, a positive approach and a sense of responsibility are among the basic values '‹'‹of our company.

These values '‹'‹are embodied by our employees, at every level. While recruiting our employees, we do pay attention to these values at the same level as we pay attention to their technical knowledge.

These humane values '‹'‹are the pillars of a collaborative and positive working environment in our teams.

Our customers appreciate this and prefer a relationship of trust and respect.


Our warehouse

Our unique warehouse (15,000m2) is our whole pride and above all your guarantee that the desired product is available immediately.

The inventory mainly covers the entire spectrum from the smallest to the largest references, but it is also quantitatively interesting for our customers in the mechanical engineering sector.

This inventory, which can also be viewed in our e-shop, is reinforced by our cutting unit (belts, guides, steels, ...), assembly (chains, linear modules, ...) and by our gear motor assembly center.

This unique availability contributes primarily to the supply security for our customers.

Our support

We build real relationships of trust with our customers based on the win-win principle, which is permanent and oriented towards added value.

Every customer is unique and treated that way.

We invest a lot of time in the selection of products and in the technical analysis of solutions that meet the goals of our customers.

In addition to internal training for our employees, we also offer our customers specific training that meet the needs of their employees.

Our added value

Adding value to our customers is a daily priority for our employees, an obsession for our leaders, and our company's DNA.

This added value is present at all levels of the relationship with our customers (listening, advice and selection, inventory, logistics, customer service).

For our customers this means savings or productivity gains.

Our wealth of experience

Our teams have the necessary know-how in many areas, which clearly sets us apart from our competitors.

We can deliver global and efficient kinematic solutions based on quality products.

This comprehensive offer is one of the reasons why our customers trust us.

Our 75 years of experience

Our company, founded in 1946, has 75 years of experience in this field.

Over the years we have seen continuous growth and consistently positive results that we have reinvested in our organization and warehouse.

As a result, our company is financially strong, which is good for our customers: they know they are working with a partner they can count on to help them meet future challenges.

Jonathan Hubert - Sales Manager DI

« Depuis 7 ans, nous partageons la même passion de l’innovation au service de nos clients »


Alain Kolongo - Maintenance Manager

« Depuis 7 ans, nous partageons la même passion de l’innovation au service de nos clients »


Dominique Van Rietvelde - Buyer

« We genieten hierbij ook van  hun kennis met goede prijsafspraken, een breed portfolio van producten en met technische ondersteuning »


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